Gold Star Update

So here it is 2022 . In what seems like forever, we are making strides in meeting with developers, commissions, and state officials to move racing forward in Nevada.

If you wish to join in the journey, then reach out to us at our email address:

State of the NVSA

Founded in 2018, today the Nevada Standardbred association works with educators and commissioners to get this party started. As we progress the movement, we also look for horsemen, caretakers, veterinarians and other professionals to play an important part of the journey.

In late 2021 the NVSA teamed with Western Standardbred Alliance, Inc. to begin developments in Pahrump Nevada for a Equine Performance Center, featuring Harness Racing. There are many approval steps to go through this year, but we are progressing and gaining interest in the area as well as with Commissioner.

We look forward to 2022 developments as effects from COVID have decline and life moves forward.


The NVSA represents standardbred interests through assisting operators in racing readiness. This includes representation to the Nevada Gaming Commission as well as assistance with site selection and proposals.  Our goal is to help establish quality harness racing in Nevada. To learn more click on the Racing menu option.


The NVSA represents interests of Breeders and Owners of Standardbred horses.  Our goal is to assist breeders in building strong and well managed breeding farms in Nevada.


The NVSA represents interests of horsemen, owners, breeders and contributors to promote the Standardbred Industry in Nevada. Additionally we work to help development of a Sires Stakes program and equine education.

Next Steps...

To become a new member contact us at or call 702-449-2061.