Gold Star Update

So here it is Q3-2022 . So Quo Vadimum "where are we going"? We met with the Racing Commission and Gaming Control Board for a few moments in Elko to discuss our condition and direction. We are in the midst of working with the funding partner, who is raising monies for land, racing and more. This money raise is currently in progress and moving forward. If looking to become a part of the project, contact [email protected] and we will put you in contact with the appropriate contact.

If wanting to become a part of the development, contact [email protected] to inquire.

Who is NVSA?

Founded in 2018, today the Nevada Standardbred association works with educators and commissioners to get this party started. As we progress the movement, we also look for horsemen, caretakers, veterinarians and other professionals to play an important part of the journey.


The NVSA represents Standardbred interests through assisting operators in racing readiness. This includes representation to the Nevada Gaming Commission as well as assistance with site selection and proposals.  Our goal is to help establish quality harness racing in Nevada. To learn more click on the Racing menu option.

Breeding Programs

The NVSA represents interests of Breeders and Owners of Standardbred horses.  Our goal is to assist breeders in building strong and well managed breeding farms in Nevada. Since Nevada is a drop state there are many breeding options, mainly on the mare side. NVSA leaders have been working with breeders in other states and provinces to encourage and develop a program that can benefit each location.

Breeders wishing to get involved contact [email protected] to discuss.


The NVSA represents interests of horsemen, owners, breeders and contributors to promote the Standardbred Industry in Nevada. Additionally we work to help development of a Sires Stakes/Breeders program and equine education.

Next Steps...

To become a new member contact us at [email protected] or call 702-449-2061.