Our Story

Formed in November 2018 with the vision of building a foundation for harness racing in Nevada. The NVSA is building relationships with selected Casino Operators, Race Operators, Associations, Breeders, Trainers, Drivers, Caretakers and Veterinarians throughout North America in order to grow the standardbred industry. Having a “Together We Can” approach, a key question to ask is how can “I” help the industry grow in Nevada? Then, contact us at nvsa@nevadastandardbreds.com to join.

We welcome you to join us in this incredible journey.


The Nevada Standardbred Association was formed to emphasize the following:

  • To Promote & Support Harness Racing
  • To sponsor and promote Standardbred racing, breeding and development programs in Nevada
  • To represent members in negotiation with racetrack operations
  • To recommend rule changes and regulations
  • To cooperate with other Standardbred Associations on topics beneficial to harness racing
  • To consult with higher education centers in Nevada to increase offerings of Standardbred care and training.

Board/Executive Committee

The Executive Committee consists of the President, Secretary, Treasurer and Division/District Directors.  Executive Sub-Committees are the Finance and Advisory Committees.

Next Steps…

To become a member contact us at nvsa@nevadastandardbreds.com or call 702-449-2061.