The NVSA will consist of four Division Committees. The NVSA Board serves in this capacity until member critical mass has been achieved.  

Division Directors are appointed by the President, with approval of the Board of Directors, and shall serve to represent the special interests of the corresponding Division.  NVSA Divisions are Trainer/Driver, Breeder/Owner, and Veterinarian/Caretaker and Contributor. 

Breeders/Owners: This Division focus' on the immediate need for racing and breeding stock in Nevada. Since we are just starting out this Division very important to shaping the region with quality horses that are competitive. When joining, if you are primarily a Breeder or Owner, please mark your membership application accordingly.

Trainers/Drivers: This Division will focus on Training and Driving rules, regulations, and techniques. This Division is instrumental in Obtaining quality horses that can be trained to make it to the track. When joining, if you actively Train or Drive, please mark your membership as as Trainer/Driver so that you can be classed in this Division.

Caretakers: This Division focus' is on the care and treatment of standardbreds. Members in this Division include grooms and veterinarians, which are the key to good horse health. If you are an active groom or veterinarian, please join this Division as your expertise is valuable.

Contributors: This Division is comprised of all other members not covered above. We welcome contributors for they help us address topics that reach a variety of persons. Please join us in growing the standardbred industry in Nevada.