An important part of every Standardbred's Life is the Caretaker or Groom. The Caretakers of our membership benefit through certifications, education, shared experiences and other resources to improve horse care.

Equine Conditioning, Wellness, Rehabilitation:

Horse care is an important part of any successful horse program. Association Caretakers are expected to provide quality care for each horse. Conditioning is a blend of efforts between the Trainer, Caretaker and the Horse. Nevada Caretakers are expected to be knowledgeable of the care and training of harness horses and provide feedback to trainers to make decisions. Sometimes horses may need rehabilitation, Caretakers are to look for signs of lameness with an eye on treatment to help ensure horses are sound and fit for purpose.


The NVSA is working closely with Community Colleges and Universities to build an Equine Management Program to further the knowledge of our Caretakers. We take the approach that each of us can improve or share our knowledge and in turn improve our industry.