NVSA Racing Tree Decisions:

  1. Track Size: The size will be based on a number of factors including land costs and space availability. e.g. Ft. Mojave/Laughlin is planned to be a 1 mile track, while due to space concerns Reno and Las Vegas could be smaller tracks.
  2. Speed and track cushion: Since the Mojave climate is dry and projected surface could tend to be fast as very little precipitation occurs. The decision being made is balancing speed with longevity of the race horses in order to promote leg health so that our horses can have long useful racing and post racing lives, while putting a good product on the Track. The climate in Las Vegas is similar, however, the Reno climate has more moisture.
  3. Staking: Our focus is on building a strong aged stakes program so that the breeding efforts occurring in 2019 can pay off both in short term, through reciprocity and long term through the Nevada Stakes Program. After starting the Aged Staking program the NVSA will then give attention to the Two and Three Year Old programs to balance out the Stakes program.

Racing Targeted Locations:

As we build the infrastructure of standardbreds in Nevada, we intend to leverage areas that are good producers of feed/supplies such as the Mojave region in the Laughin area. Expansion will occur as racing/breeding stock increases and market interests suggest.

  • Las Vegas is a the largest targeted pari-mutuel Racing opportunity for the State of Nevada.    The targeted site is less than 2 hours from Laughlin and may be a ship in location, complimenting the location.  Signature races are targeted for Las Vegas once racing stock is sufficient.
  • The Reno site is expected to be a complimentary site to the Cal Expo track in California.  The potential location is in the Reno area and is approximately 2.5 hours of Cal Expo. Land acquisition discussions are under way and finalization is dependent on many factors.
  • Laughlin is located in the southernmost tip of Nevada, along the Colorado River, where Nevada, California, and Arizona meet.  Laughlin/ Mojave area training from October thru April is quite comfortable. Temperatures rages with Highs of 88f degrees (October) and 63f degrees (December) to average lows ranging from 43f degrees in December and 60f degrees in October. The region has become a major national tourist destination and gambling resort.   The region touts that it is focused on building a vibrant and prosperous resort town that increases tourism, promotes recreation, and educates youth.