Members may be eligible for Third-Party Liability Insurance which provides liability coverage to owners for a standardbred horse that causes bodily injury or property damage. Additionally, Inland Marine/Animal Mortality coverage is available for eligible member owned standardbred horse while at scheduled Racetracks, Training Centers or Fair Grounds. Contact the NVSA for further details on each coverage option.   

Other Key Benefits:

* Representation to the State Commission's  

* Support of Racetrack development  

* Support of Member negotiation with Racetrack Operators  

* Support of Training Center development  

* Support of Breeding Farm development  

* Consult with Colleges/Universities with Equine Education programs  

* Sulky Insurance (contact the NVSA for eligibility)


Active Members are licensed by and in good standing with the United States Trotting Association and/or the Nevada Racing Commission. Each Active Member shall indicate their primary area of active participation within the harness industry on applying for a new or renewed membership in the NVSA. Active Members of the NVSA have all the rights and privileges of NVSA and have the exclusive right to vote at all annual, special, and general meetings of NVSA.  


Associate Members are persons or organizations interested in the Standardbred industry, who do not qualify for Regular Membership. They may become Associate members upon proper application therefore approved by a majority of the Board of Directors present at any regular or special meeting of such Directors. Associate members shall have no voting rights.

2019 Annual Membership Fee Structure

  • Regular Members $50
  • Associate Members $35
  • Founders (Contact for more information about becoming a founding member)

Next Steps...

To become a member contact us at or call 702-449-2061.