Below are Associations, Commissions and Partners that work with the NVSA.


United States Trotting Association THE USTA’S role in harness racing is summarized in six areas, each of which serves the sport and its participants in ways state and local organizations cannot.  The areas supported are  Breed Registry, Rules, Licensing, Integrity, Database, and Promotion.

California Harness Horsemen's Association The CHHA represents the Association before the California Horse Racing Board, the California State Legislature, and before the Federal Legislative Committees of U.S. Congress. 

Standardbred Canada Standardbred Canada is an incorporated non-profit organization whose mandate is to supervise, record, store and distribute information on all registered Standardbreds and to promote harness racing in Canada and beyond.

Harness Horsemen International The HHI provides support to member associations, promotes public awareness, provides representation to government bodies, and other services such as insurance.

Gaming Commissions:


Equine Industry Development LLC ("EID") - the firm is the conduit for investments and operations in the Standardbred industry. EID organizes and manages purchases of breeding and racing, as well as, organizing deals for racing, breeding, and complimentary operations. In its initial project, EID is involved with developing the Standardbred Industry in Nevada.

BoInvestments LLC - The firm forms venture capital deals for business ventures and standardbred adventures. The standardbred adventures include racing and breeding partnerships, as well as yearlings and stakes partnerships. Business ventures include real estate, retail, media and entertainment venues.

Roberts Communication Stream Roberts Communications Network is the leading communications services provider to the pari-mutuel industry. Roberts has been supplying the pari-mutuel industry since 1984, and was a pioneer in the creation of simulcasting for the racing industry. Its services have helped fuel the explosive growth of simulcasting to their current levels. Diversified in recent years, Roberts now serves many industries with a variety of satellite and terrestrial communications services over many technology platforms.