Breeders and Owners are at the core of the Nevada Standardbred Association (“NVSA”). The NVSA supports both Breeders and Owners in order to build the foundation for future growth of harness racing in Nevada.


The lifeblood of the Standardbred program in Nevada will be our breeding efforts. We have teamed up with breeders to help set a foundation for the breeding efforts in Nevada.

The NVSA supports Breeders by working closely with higher education to improve breeding programs in the state and ability to support the growth of our industry and strengthen bloodlines.


Owners are an important part of the Standardbred Industry. There are many varieties of ownership including Partnerships, Leasing, Fractional Ownership and individually. When owning a Standardbred it is important to treat purchases as a business and to structure your ownership accordingly. This could mean as a General Partnership, Limited Partnership, Limited Liability Company, Corporation or Sole Proprietorship. Prospective Owners should consult with their business/legal consultant to help make a structure that meets their objectives.

The NVSA supports Owners through seminars and sharing industry and past experiences to help new and existing owners make informed choices on their standardbred purchase. The NVSA also supports through development of Stakes and Purse Programs for the benefit of our members.

Stakes Program:

“Stakes race” means a contest in which nomination, entry and/or starting fees contribute to the purse. All stakes fees paid toward a stakes race shall be allocated to the winner unless otherwise provided by the conditions for the race.

The NVSA supports the industry by helping build a quality Stakes Program that is reflective of the racing environment. Presently Aged Stakes are a primary focus as the Breeding Operations are just beginning to grow youngsters to become race horses. The focus on Aged race horses will help us attract and retain talent and to emphasize good purses so that our members benefit financially and provide a foundation for further growth.