The Nevada Standardbred Association, Inc. ("NVSA") is working with colleges and universities to build an education curriculum that best fits Nevada. Our goal is to raise interest in Equine Management Programs in Nevada and through education and on-the-job training help the western standardbred industry be more proficient with equine and large animal care. 

Existing in State Programs:

The University of Nevada, Reno ("UNR") has the only Animal and Veterinarian Science programs in Nevada. Their focus is on rangeland ecology and management. Additionally UNR has a new Agricultural Science program that provides training in management agricultural systems in Nevada. This is very important to our industry as we must effectively manage and maximize water and food sources to meet daily needs.

For example knowing how much water consumption and gray water consumption is important for it helps determine filtration and other needs. Well trained scientists can benefit our industry in care but also good stewardship of the land and minerals consumed.

We look forward to the possibility of working closely with UNR to develop or utilize programs that best fit our needs.